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Upload Documents & Send Electronic Signature Requests.
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Use your existing documents

Bring your documents from your PC, from Google Drive, or from DropBox. Send electronic signature requests or sign your documents in the cloud, from any device (PC, Phone or Tablet).

Send copy to a recipient or request signature from multiple recipients at a time.
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Easily Collect Digital Signatures or Sign Documents

Single User Account

Perfect for the sole proprietor, the independent business contractor, or individuals wanting to sign documents or collect digital signatures and easily manage agreements in one place. It's easy and powerful.

Small Business Accounts

Ideal for the business owners who want to send business agreements in order to collect electronic signatures. Add associates, & set permissions. Complete CRM solution and Lead Management solutions are available

Corporate Accounts

Branded for your business, with you logo, domain name etc. Perfect for high volume signature collection. Solution for medium to large size corporations. Combined with dedicated VPS hosting & API services with payment portal, CRM and accounting system.

Steps to Collect Signatures

Create or Upload Documents Templates

Easily create reusable document templates to request signatures

Open the document to sign

Once open, you can click on "Request Signature" from the top right

Request Signature

Once you click request signature, you will be prompted to enter the recipient's email address

Highlight Where to Sign

Indicate to your users where to sign your document, or where to initial.

Send the Request

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Receive Notification

When your recipient take any action like accepting or signing your request, you will receive notifications

Become a green curator of your
own business documents online

You can contribute to a better world by using less paper or no paper at all. Using electronic document management is a great way to help save our planet’s resources, reduce landfill debris size and leave a better place for future generations. 

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